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About Us

New Vision Rehab

At New Rehab, we emphasize healing at one’s own pace – not dictating what it should or shouldn’t look like – because every person’s experience is different yet equally valid. Instead of focusing on merely achieving abstinence from addictive substances, we strive for greater enlightenment involving various life skills such as time management, communication enhancement, nutrition counseling, stress reduction methods, etc., paving the way for a long-term lifestyle filled with joy and balance!

We do more than provide treatment; we assist those suffering from addiction by creating meaningful changes in their lives while they make positive strides toward sobriety. Our focus on Holistic Care combines traditional approaches, such as cognitive therapies, with alternative methods like meditation and yoga to promote an environment ripe for healthy living inside and outside our center. Additionally, our Creative Arts Therapy program allows patients to express themselves artistically as a tool for growth.

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